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Our Mission

Our mission

Your health and your family's health is important to us. We at Lysol work toward creating a world where everyone is protected from illness-causing germs with the mission of “Breaking the chain of infection”. By educating people to not just clean but #DisinfectToProtect , we are committed to help keep your loved ones illness-free. 


Spreading the message that healthy habits lead to happier lives in homes, schools and businesses around the world.

What drives us

Changing environment, evolving germs

Your concept of cleaning is different from one and another. That is why it’s important to know that "Clean" does not mean perfect or organised, but rather safe, healthy and comfortable. Lysol is committed to eliminating 99.9% of germs and viruses. Lysol helps #DisinfectToProtect every corner and surface of your home, school and business, making them #SafeToTouch, so that your loved ones are always protected. Because, what’s important to you is important to us.

Healthy Homes

Your home is your heaven. But from grocery bags to toys to the footwear, germs can settle on multiple surfaces in your home. Thus, it’s important for you to clean and disinfect these surfaces regularly, ensuring they are safe to touch. So that your home and your family is always protected from illness-causing germs and viruses.

Healthy Schools

Lysol is committed to promoting healthy habits for children—not just at home, but at school, too. We believe by educating on healthy habits and working with partners, we’re sharing our mission to help kids miss less school so they are able to learn and grow and thrive. Together, we can help to make sure children don’t miss out a day of school.

Healthy Habits

At Lysol, we’re always looking for opportunities to educate people on healthy habits. We constantly remind people of good hygiene habits such as the right way to wash your hands, to use hand sanitizer when there is no water and soap, to not just clean but also disinfect your home regularly.

Disinfect to protect

Remember, just cleaning is not enough to ensure the health of your loved ones. You must ‘Disinfect’ to eliminate germs and viruses. We at Lysol, are dedicated to offer the best range of products to empower you to protect your loved ones.