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Multi-Action Cleaner Lemon

Multi-Action Cleaner Lemon

Lysol Lem 900ml.png

Lysol Multi-Action Cleaner cleans 3X better than bleach* & kills 100 illness causing germs including Covid-19 Virus

Gold Standard Disinfectant Cleaner that kills over 100 illness causing germs. Cleans 3x better than bleach* and safe to be used on many surfaces. Deodorizes for that fresh and clean scent that you like. An all-purpose cleaner that gives you ultimate disinfection and cleans the home!​


Product Features

• Proven to clean 3X better than bleach*​​

• Kills 99.9% of illness causing germs in 5 minutes, yet without the harshness​​

• Kills 100 illness causing germs including COVID-19 Virus​

• Deodorizes for that fresh and clean scent you like​​


*Based on a lab test comparing to other thin bleach at its respective recommendation dilution in removing greasy soil

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